"Your Bridge to Miracles"






Since my husband, MARKUS, and I were entrusted with Liberation Breathing®, which included

maintaining its integrity, we therefore have laid out what we feel is the proper training for a

facilitator of this beautiful work.   LOVE, SONDRA


They are required to:

1.   Be Rebirthed 10 times by a professional female Rebirther. (this clears you of your “mother issues”) 

2.   Be Rebirthed 10 times by a professional male Rebirther. (this clears you of your “father issues”)

3.   Take Liberation Breathing® Intensive, Part I

4.   Take Liberation Breathing® Intensive Part II  (wet version)

5.   Surrender to the Divine Mother and incorporate honoring Her daily in some form of worship. We read the 108 names      and praises to the Divine Mother daily. This daily worship is essential.

6.   Surrender to Babaji, the Father of Rebirthing.

7.   Attend the INDIA QUEST — Divine Mother Navaratri in India, or BALI QUEST —“ Return to the Divine Mother” in Bali, or        attend a Navaratri at another one of Babaji’s Ashrams around the world.

8.   Be willing to meet with the Master Ammachi, the Divine Mother in the physical body.

9.   Continually study A Course In Miracles from the Christ Mind, daily.

10.                Rebirth two female clients ten times and two male clients ten times and provide case studies while in training.

11.                Take the Hawaiian forgiveness process called Ho’Oponopono, and use it daily.

12.                Master the checklist stating what facilitators should know about birth and relationships.

                     (see the book "Birth & Relationships")

13.                Take The Loving Relationships Training™.

14.                Stay “in training” for life, and get Rebirthed regularly.

15.                Become certified through Liberation Breathing®

16.                Take refresher course once a year.

17.                Handle assignments given which would be specific to your own personal case.

18.                Organize or assist one workshop per year for LiberationBreathing.Com and be actively involved with                      the Liberation Breathing® worldwide network.