"Your Bridge to Miracles"

Ho O Pono Pono


Experience Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom in this one day intensive workshop.

Sondra will be offerring experience of Ho O pono pono. which is a process to right all errors, to create balance, to make right any stressful relationships or situations in ones life. It strengthens ones Identity through spiritual cleansin, releasing, transmuting and understanding with oneself and with every atom of creation. You can actually unlock , release and transmute any unbalanced vibrations or frequencies in and around without creating stress. You can open the doors of your own mind to discover for yourself happiness, love and fruitful days. Everywhere I go I find that people simply love being a part of this process, which is a twelve step long prayer taught to me specially by the Kahuna Mornah Simeona. herself. It has also helped many in producing physical healing and even financial problems. All are set free!

Ho O Pono Pono - Option 1 $0.00
Ho O Pono Pono - Option 2 $0.00
Ho O Pono Pono - Option 3 $0.00
INDIA QUEST 2013 - FINAL BALANCE (Non Refundable) $850.00