"Your Bridge to Miracles"

Seminars and Training

Sondra is one of the original breathworkers on the planet. She is the author of l7 books and founder of The Loving Relationships Training. She is an international speaker and has been in the forefront of spiritual healing for 35 years. She has led a huge variety of seminars around the world and is a major agent of change. She has been a nurse and and an original Peace Corps Volunteer. She, like Mark is a devotee of the Master Babaji and has taken thousands of people to India to the feet of the Master to awaken them to their True Selves. Marianne Williamson wrote that Sondra's ideas were "mindblowing and life altering for an entire generation." She said "I have always experienced her as a beam of light. If there is a goddess whose name means: Awake and Hilarious at the same time, she incarnated in this lifetime as Sondra Ray!"