"Your Bridge to Miracles"

Creativity Seminar: Paint Into Your Power




is right in your own HANDS !


Do you want a miracle that enables you to express yourself in ways you have only dreamed of before ? Everyone has

a CREATIVE SIDE.... and has something wonderful to express, givien the right coaching and conditions. The Power

of Your CREATIVITY is right in your owns HANDS. It just takes a breakthrough for you to discover you own natural



MARKUS is an artisit and has been painting since 1974....even before. He is also a poet and has just written 365 Odes

to the Divine Mother. This has made him particularly sensitive to the creative process.... and wouldn't you like to

have his help in tapping into your own?  I myself have written over 18 books.  Once you know you can do it, there is

no stopping your true CREATIVITY.


In addition to taking the new CREATIzVITY SEMINAR we are offering, you can also have a Liberation Breathing

Session with us to help you get clear of what is stopping you from really going for it. in your CREATIVE LIFE.


You can book an individual private LIberation Breathing® Session with us in person or over SKYPE. YOU  can

literally unwire the miswiring of your mind on this subject of CREATIVITY through a Liberation Breathing® Session

.... and have a miracle. I have seen this work over and over.  BOOK A SESSION HERE.


Yes a miracle takes a shift in consciousness but this is possible for you any time you are ready....






YOU CAN SEE Markus's Painting here:


And also join his blog ART LOOK here:




Immortal Ray Productions...presents

THE CREATIVITY SEMINAR : Paint Into Your Own Power


(Course Description Pending)


"BABAJI-JESUS-THE DIVINE MOTHER" the "Dream Team" Painted in Dublin by MARKUS RAY