"Your Bridge to Miracles"

The God Training




Bypass "religion" and go for G-O-D....

the GLORY-OF-DIVINITY inside of yourself.


Do you want to progress rapidly on your spiritual path.? Do you want to get enlightened in this life? Do you want to experience JOY and ALIVENESS now? All this is possible. These miracles are available. We know how to show you how to have this. You can truly turn around your whole life. You can get out of the boring routine of a humdrum life. You can connect with the Spritual Masters who make miracles ordinary. You can find a whole new way to live.

We offer spritual trips to Bali/Iceland/Hawaii and INDIA! Have you ever thought of going to one of these places and having more than just a tourist experience.? We take you to places where miracles are enhanced. We also know that Liberation Breathing® is a true spiritual path. It can even lead to Physical Immortality and Ascension. The potential is unlimited.
Your path to enlightenment affects ALL areas of your life of course. There is no end to the benefits. Try it.

Would you like to give yourself a spiritual WOW EXPERIENCE beyond all the rest? Try a Liberation Breathing Session.

You can easily book an individual private LIberation Breathing® Session with us in person or over SKYPE. YOU  can literally unwire the miswiring of your mind on this subject through a Liberation Breathing® Session and have a miracle. I have seen this work over and over.  BOOK A SESSION HERE.

Yes, a miracle takes a shift in consciousness but this is possible for you any time you are ready.... LOVE,  SONDRA


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the "Mother of Rebirthing"....



God is First. To be living in a Divine Relationship with God is the absolute Top ! Our goal should be to reach the highest connection we can reach, to raise our soul level as much as possible, to open up to the Life Force as much as possible. GOD IS LIFE AND LIFE IS GOD. To be living the DIVINE LIFE is to be LIVING FULLY to our greatest potential.

LIBERATION BREATHING® IS one of the quickest and most effective ways to make your DIVINE CONNECTION, and discover what your have to GIVE in Life is without limits and with an abundance of PURE JOY!

Day One - Clearing false religious theology and Ho O PonoPono (With Liberation Breathing®)

Day Two: A Course In Miracles ( With Liberation Breathing®)

ACIM is the most important thing to happen in two thousand years. We must take it as our model. It gives us the opportunity to commune with the Holy Spirit and absolutely accelerates our return to God. We will also discuss what the Course says about relationships. There is a New Frequency for Relationships that makes them Holy. The miracles that transform our  relationships from the "specialness"  of the ego -- into ones of  joy and giving, of "holiness" from the Holy Spirit -- are available to us through the lessons of A Course in Miracles.

Day Three morning - DIrect Relationship with Spiritual MASTERS 

This day is to inspire people to have a daily spiritual practice withing the context of everyday life. One way to do this is to have a relationship with a spiritual master. A Course in Miracles offers a direct relationship with Jesus. Also presented is the Master Babaji with whom Sondra has had a direct relationship for over 30 years.

The Maha Avatar Babaji can literally change the physics of your body. Your nervous system changes, your chemistry changes and the functioning of your brain changes. It is like 10,000 lights turned on. Having Him in your life is like being in another world.

Day Three afternoon - The Divine Mother ( With Liberation Breathing®)

The Divine Mother is really in charge. The softness of the Goddess is really the only safe way. The original spark of creation is a feminine vibration. In India they say there is nothing higher than worship of HER. She is behind all things. She is the intelligence behind matter. SONDRA discusses the HIGH POINTS of relating to the Divine Mother, Her immense scope and POWER, and how to invoke this power into your everyday life. This day will include ceremonies to the DIVINE MOTHER ENERGY. There is great love waiting for you here.

The combination of these three days can put you in Miracle Consciousness if you let it. This is a new training and never before had I offerred rebirthing session on all three days to the seminar.