"Your Bridge to Miracles"

India Quest with Sondra Ray



Could be coming on the INDIA QUEST !


How would you like to achieve self mastery?  It may take a miracle; but that IS possible. Self mastery to me would

mean that all areas of your life are cleaned up and working. Wouldn't that be fantastic. You have to be willing to

know what you want, you have to be willing to ask for it, and you have to be willing to receive exactly what you ask

for! Wouldn't that be great?


It can be true for you. We can teach you how to accomplish that.  First of all you have to have a spiritual life.

Secondly you have to honor the "principle of right association". That means you associate yourself with the highest

people possible as long as you can stand it. They force you to "adapt upward". I have found a way to have this

miracle: We go to India every year and hang out with those saints, yogis and masters who push us to move and shift

and go to the next level. This is also available for you. You can come with us to India .


We offer the India Quest each year when we go to Babaji's ashram in the Himalayas for the Divine Mother Festival.

In India they say there is nothing higher than worship of the Divine Mother .  At Navaratri we do this for nine straight

days!!  Babaji said you can make 12 years of spiritual progress in one day at this event , with those particular

yogis, saints and gurus, at that particular astrological configuration.  It is true, believe me. Babaji would never tell a

lie.  I have experienced it myself and so have the people who have gone with us. It is, of course, a major life changing

experience. You will never be the same  afterwards.  I don't know anything that powerful that would give you the

experience of self mastery in your life. Why not take the leap and come with us?


In addition to joining us on the INDIA QUEST, you can also have a Liberation Breathing Session with us to help you

get clear of what is stopping you from really having SELF MASTERY. In fact we recommend having a Session before

coming on the India Quest.


You can book an individual private LIberation Breathing® Session with us in person or over SKYPE. YOU  can

literally unwire the miswiring of your mind on this subject of SELF MASTERY,  through a Liberation Breathing®

Session.... and have a miracle. I have seen this work over and over.  BOOK A SESSION HERE.


Yes a miracle takes a shift in consciousness but this is possible for you any time you are ready....








TThe India Quest takes you to the Divine Mother Festival (Navaratri) at Ashram of Sri Haidakhan Babaji, Immortal Yogi. For more information regarding the next Journey to India please contact Markus Ray at manmohan1008@gmail.com

The Divine Mother Festival is one of the most powerful spiritual experiences available today. The energy of the Festival has real value and practical application for you in today's Western society because the Divine Mother is the creator of all wealth, happiness and good health. She is the sustainer of the universe and prayers to her bring immediate results.

Haidakhan, Sri BAbaji's home,  is at present the holiest religious place in the world, holier even than Banares. The water of this river, Gautama Ganga, a tributary of the Ganges, cleanses you from past errors and memories. Haidakhan is the birthplace of all yogis and the deity of yogis as the source of inspiration. By merely sitting here, you reap the results of hundreds of lifetimes of penance. Those who have darshan at this place will have all their wishes fulfilled, both material and spiritual. They will have assurance of complete success.

Every particle of this place, Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadam, has the power to enlighten us. The fire is sacred, as it is considered the "Mouth of the Divine Mother". Sitting by the Dhuni (sacred fire pit) purifies one's vibrations. It is calimed that anyone suffering, if he takes vibute (sacred ash), will be relieved of all his chronic diseases.

A Typical Day at the Ashram

  • Rise before sunrise & bathe, either shower or more preferably the Gautama Ganga River – the source of the Ganges. This river is reported to heal & soothe the soul of those bathing in it to wash away karma.
  • Then Chandan – A special paste is applied to the forehead to induce a "mindless state" which allows deep levels of mind relaxation and meditation. Each morning will be a meeting/sharing with Sondra.
  • Next is Aarti – ceremonial chanting, which is followed by Ceremonies, devoted to the Divine Mother – in the form of Parvati, Shakti, Durgi, etc. The feminine counterparts of Brahman, Vishnu & Shiva.
  • Later in the morning the big Fire Ceremony then lunch.
  • During the afternoon a special English translation of the Shrimit Devi Bhagavartim – the Divine Mother Verses – and various ceremonies by the yogis take place.
  • Bathing again before Aarti, which is held around sunset.
  • Aarti – Chanting lasting around an hour. Very ceremonial and grounding. With special music & often spontaneous dancing & clapping. A very joyous end to the day.

These are busy days and well worth the energy expended. It is said one day in Hearakhan is equivalent to 12 years of spiritual growth in the outside world.

Intertwined between the ceremonies, the people in the India Quest will have regular sharings, Liberation Breathing® Sessions, stories and other activities with Sondra and her Yogi friends she has made over the years.  We will make time to visit the nine temples on the cave side of the river, to meditate in Shri Babaji's Cave, visit Babaji's private quarters, have an audiance with Sri Muniraj, the resident overseer, and for those who choose, to trek up Kumaon Kailash Mountain, where Babaji meditated for 45 days without eating or sleeping after manifesting his body in the cave.

Discover the Joy of Service through Karma Yoga – the yoga of doing productive work in helping to keep the ashram running. Different tasks may be allocated on a voluntary basis. Jobs will include making the flower offerings, gardening, cleaning duties, etc. Karma Yoga is an essential part of Spiritual Growth and everyone attending the Ashram is expected to participate. Karma Yoga is kept to minimum levels during the Navaratri celebrations.

You can also have Mundun (Head Shaving), and more special Indian healings....such as the Ceremony for Ancestors. This head shaving is done by the waters of the Guatma Ganga, and hardly any other spiritual practice compares with this level of profound surrender.

This is an amazing spiritual and life transforming journey. You will never be the same, having opened up areas of your Mind that were closed before, due to the energy of the Divine Mother underpinning the Navaratri.