"Your Bridge to Miracles"

The Money Seminar





MONEY is just an energy of DIVINE SUBSTANCE and...  

You can earn more of it by nurturing an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE !


Do you want miracles in your career? Doesn't everyone? Do you want it to be more exciting? Do you want to make it

more interesting? Do you want to make it more lucrative? Of course!  We can show how to get the Spirit in your

business . We can show you how to unblock whatever it is that keeps you from progressing in your work. We can

show you how to raise your self esteem so you get what your deserve financially. We can show you how to make your

work your worship. We can show you how to clear up relationships with your colleagues, employers, employees,

customers and clients. 


Do you want a miracle in your irelationship to money, work and business? Most people do but most people experience

the same old patterns being stuck year after year, job aftrer job, business after business.. It is not necessary to stay

stuck in any relationship pattern. There are solutions that actually work. I used to be stuck myself in those patterns

but now I am getting clear about BUSINESS.


In order to get out of a "poverty consciousness" and get into an "abundance consciousness",  you have to change

your THOUGHTS OF money, productivity and your SELF. A Liberation Breathing® Session can shift you from one to

the other very effectively.


You can  have an individual private LIberation Breathing® Session with us in person or over SKYPE. YOU can literally

unwire the miswiring of your mind on MONEY & BUSINESS through a Liberation Breathing® Session and have a

miracle. I have seen this work over and over.  BOOK A SESSION HERE.


Yes a miracle takes a shift in consciousness but this is possible for you any time you are ready.... LOVE,  SONDRA




DO YOU WANT more clarity and ease in your FINANCES & BUSINESS? Consider joining us for



"The Money Seminar"

"The Money Seminar" is a two day course, SAT-SUN 10AM-6PM including two Liberation Breathing Sessions.

In The Money Seminar, we invite you to:

  • Get clear on YOUR  PERSONAL MONEY CASE - beliefs, patterns and thoughts that block you from receiving.
  • Unravel and clear out your most negative thoughts about money.
  • Get to know HOW MONEY WORKS.
  • Explore special processes and learn special gratitude prayers that help you become a powerful and joyful 'cash flow generator' in your own life!
  • Connect to the Divine Substance more and to your own innate abundance.
  • Participate in a group Liberation Breathing Session on money to let go of memories of "poverty consciousness" that may be keeping you stuck.
  • Get clear on your Life's Purpose and ability to be Self-Reliant in creating your ideal work and productivity.

Liberation Breathing is a gentle and powerful breathing process that renews and rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit, clears negative energy/thoughts from the cells of the body and mind, connects you with the Divine/God, and opens you to experience and create greater and greater levels of clarity, peace, health, joy and abundance.

In the Group LIBERATION BREATHING®, we will be supporting you to:

  • Clear YOUR PERSONAL MONEY CASE - your own special set of negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns around money (that you discovered during the class at the money seminar)
  • Forgive your past totally and start with a whole new mindset on money and abundance.
  • Learn how your birth affects your ability to generate the money and abundance you most want.
  • Get out of your own way and make this coming year one in which you RECEIVE ABUNDANTLY!
  • Be in the FLOW...be in the HIGH THOUGHTS of deserving and receiving wealth in all areas of your life.

THE MONEY SEMINAR© ...... by Sondra Ray & Liberation Breathing®