"Your Bridge to Miracles"

Spiritual Intimacy: The New Frequency for Relationships



is being able to COMMUNICATE your TRUTH !


Do you want a miracle in your intimate relationships? Most people do but most people experience the same old

patterns being stuck year after year, relationship after relationship. It is not necessary to stay stuck in any

relationship pattern. There are solutions that actually work. I used to be stuck myself in those patterns and now I

have a holy relationship, a marriage of my dreams. So if I can have the miracle, so can anyone.


The beginnig of a good Sex Life is a good Communication Life. And good communication is done in the "CONFLICT-

FREE ZONE." You cannot have INTIMACY when you are angry, or your partner is angry. So why not clear all anger

and conflict from your life? THIS would be a real miracle, wouldn't it. It is possible. I know it is becasue I have done it

with my partner Markus, and we have Spiritusal Intimacy.... which includes a great sex life.... all of the time. It starts

with always telling the truth about your thoughts and feelings without "attacking" or "holding grievances".


We also clear ourselves frequenly with Liberation Breathing® Sessions. Clearing is essential to open the space and

peace for true miracles of INTIMACY to take place.


You can also have an individual private LIberation Breathing® Session with us in person or over SKYPE. YOU  can

literally unwire the miswiring of your mind on this subject of INTIMACY through a Liberation Breathing® Session and

have a miracle. I have seen this work over and over.  BOOK A SESSION HERE.


Yes a miracle takes a shift in consciousness but this is possible for you any time you are ready.... LOVE,  SONDRA




SPIRITUAL INTIMACY: The New Frequency for Relationships


Moving from the old paradigm to the new paradigm in relationships.

This training is about taking the HIGH ROAD as whole being. Evolving and Propelling yourselves forward!

This training is about bringing down the Divine Energies so needed in this time of great change.

  • How to have a CONFLICT-FREE relationship
  • How to create a relationship of the soul that has a whole different frequency
  • How to attract someone with a high frequency
  • How to use your relationship to develop God Like Qualities
  • How to use your relationship for spiritual growth and self realization and ascension
  • How to take advantage of the enormous potential of a high frequency relationship
  • How this kind of relationship can enable you to overcome the traps of the ego.

"Old forms are dissolving. Are you able to handle it? Do you know how to get unstuck from apathy, indifference , denial, dominance, control and other difficulties in relationships? Do you now how to end suffering, fear, anger, competition, containment, restriction, traditionalism and stuckness itself.?

New forms are arising! Do you have the consciousness needed?

  • Are you ready for Deep Ease?
  • Are you ready to have the freedom to grow?
  • Are you ready for a spiritual partnership?
  • Are you ready for waves of light to enter?
  • Are you ready to live in the total truth all the time?
  • Are you ready for a relationship that is a cosmic rebirth?

Come to this seminar and start the initiation into the new dimensional relationship.